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We came across this eye-catching wine advertised in Central Victoria when we visited in June, but didn’t get to try it. When we saw it on the shelf of OddBins in Blackrock at just over €20, we thought it was definitely worth a try.

Made by two men (despite the name on the label) and inspired by their love of game and shooting; this is a characterful wine that combines depth of flavour, a full, rounded body and a lovely, light, freshness and drinkability. In comparison to the elegantly crafted but slightly dull Wolf Blass Gold Label Chardonnay tasted a couple of weeks ago this is definitely less polished – and to it’s advantage as it is a delightful wine full of interest and character. We’d like to see more of these types of wine, and will be looking out for the matching Ladies Who Shoot Shiraz to see if this is just as interesting.

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