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Jules made a fab dish that we’ll definitely do again! She says she was all inspired by Masterchef where they never have time to cook them through properly. Cook these when you’re not in a hurry.

Baby Potato Fondants – to serve 8

  • 1kg baby potatoes
  • 1 whole garlic clove, smashed once
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 200ml dry white wine
  • 50g butter

Put the potatoes, garlic and bay leaves in a large sauté pan with a lid. Add the wine and butter and put the lid on. Simmer for about an hour or until the wine has evaporated and the potatoes are coated in buttery juices.

Turn the heat down to low and sizzle the potatoes in the butter, shaking and turning them until completely cook through and crispy and brown on the outside (like the pic). Serve with a bit of sea salt over the top and whatever else you’ve cooked.

(Original recipe from BBC Good Food Magazine, December 2011.)

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